Redenomination of electronic signature standards

firma electrónica

Mandate M/460 is an initiative of the European Commission, supported by the Member States, to create a streamlined collection of standards for trust services designed to foster the deployment of the European Digital Single Market. Electronic signatures, electronic identification, registered e-mail and other services should help secure electronic transactions and services in Europe.

The objective of the Mandate is to create the conditions for achieving interoperability of electronic signatures and other trust-related services at the European level by defining and providing a streamlined European framework for electronic signature standardization.

The list of available projects is detailed below. All projects are available on the website of the ETSI.

Rationalized Framework

  • SR 019 020 Rationalized framework of standards for advanced electronic signatures in the mobile environment.

Signature creation and validation

  • EN 319 102: Procedures for signature creation and validation.
  • EN 319 122: CMS Advanced electronic signatures (CAdES).
  • EN 319 132 XML Advanced Electronic Signatures (XAdES):
    • Part 1: Basic specification Basic specification.
    • Part 2: Basic profile.
  • EN 319 142 PDF advanced electronic signature (PAdES) profiles:
    • Part 1: PAdES Overview – a framework document for PAdES.
    • Part 2: PAdES Basic – Profile based on ISO 32000-1.
    • Part 3: PAdES Enhanced – PAdES-BES and PAdES-EPES profiles.
    • Part 4: PAdES Long Term – PAdES-LTV Profile.
    • Part 5: PAdES for XML content – Profiles for XAdES signatures.
    • Part 6: Visual representations of electronic signatures.
    • Part 7: PAdES Baseline Profile.
  • EN 319 162 Associated Signature Containers (ASiC):
  • EN 319 172 Signature policies.

Trusted service providers supporting electronic signatures

  • EN 319 411 Policy and security requirements for trusted service providers issuing certificates:
    • Part 1: Policy requirements for certificate authorities issuing website certificates.
    • Part 2: Policy requirements for Certification Authorities issuing qualified certificates.
    • Part 3: Policy requirements for Certification Authorities issuing public key certificates.
    • Part 4: Policy requirements for Certification Authorities issuing attribute certificates.
  • EN 319 421 Policy and security requirements for trusted service providers providing time-stamping services.
  • Access to the ETSI public document repository.

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